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The facilities management sector is one of the success stories of the past decade.

Organisations are always looking to increase the efficiency of their business and have realised that the introduction of successful facilities management strategies and the streamlining of services has a positive impact on their bottom line.

This has facilitated the huge growth in facilities management as a profession and through delivery methods. This has also created a vast array of different service providers in this fast growing market.

The Litmus team includes facilities management professionals ready to provide advice on service strategy, supplier sourcing and tender management, benchmarking and monitoring, service audits, health & safety, and even interim resourcing and outsourcing.

Development of service specifications

Identifying the right service solutions for a business generally result from a comprehensive review of your current services. We can help you objectively and thoroughly review what you are currently doing, taking into account your objectives, our market insight and sector expertise and appropriate research. We will help identify the appropriate options that meet your service requirements and budget.

Once these options have been identified, Litmus will assist in the development of detailed service specifications for multiple services, within both soft and hard services, which will either help in-house managers set out the services in a structured way or will provide the basis for delivering or tendering your services to external contractors.

Supplier sourcing and the Litmus tender management system (LTMS)

The supplier scene in facilities management is ever-changing. Traditional Facilities Management companies have expanded and new suppliers have entered the market - from engineering companies now also offering soft services to single service companies like caterers becoming Total Facilities Management providers. Getting the best deal that balances the service levels you want against the budget you have, and from the most suitable supplier, can be a complicated decision.

Litmus has helped hundreds of companies work their way through the tendering process, including keeping within the legal guidelines in those situations where tendering is governed by EU rules.

Facilities Management includes many varied services and our clients value our experience in helping them through the challenges of specifying what should be included in each service and selecting the right suppliers.

Whether current contracts are due to expire or services are being put out to tender for the first time, Litmus can provide the expertise and resources to ensure the tendering process goes smoothly.

Through our unique Litmus Tender Management System (LTMS) electronic portal, we can increase tendering efficiency, reduce impact on the environment, but most importantly ensure a robust specification against which all bids are compared on a truly like-for-like basis, removing all assumption from the process.

Benchmarking and monitoring

Litmus will help you to assess the value you are receiving against comparable organisations and the marketplace. We track literally hundreds of service budgets, and have access to data from recognised industry sources. We can provide operational performance benchmarking services which allow you to assess the performance of your contracted or in-house services against others operating in similar sites to your own. The specific figures relating to your operations are compared against both Regional and National averages of key financial indicators and ratios.

If your site is out of step with the expected performance levels, this is highlighted and further investigation is undertaken to establish the reasons behind the variation.

Service audits

Litmus provides service audit services to many organisations and they take a number of different formats:

Financial contractor audit and operational review - independent verification to reassure you that your contract is performing as well as it should be, while identifying areas for improvement.

Value for money review - whether you have recently appointed a contractor or are midterm in a contract, the Litmus Test will ensure you are being charged the correct price for the services you receive, and that those services represent true value for money.

Financial audit - the Litmus Test will also identify overcharging, labour irregularities, erroneous charges, purchasing discount retention and the true level of service provider earnings.

Operational audit - in conjunction with the financial audit, a full service review can be undertaken to examine the quality of service, service delivery, systems and processes and the potential opportunities to improve the service to the end user.

And the end result? After an audit has been completed you can expect improvements in the quality and cost effectiveness of your service, either via a renegotiated arrangement with your existing provider or via a market-testing project.

Interim resource and outsourcing

In addition to helping clients on a strategic and advisory level, Litmus can also provide interim facilities management support to help out when you need an additional skilled member of staff to join or manage your facilities team for a period of time. It could be an interim need to cover a period of long term illness, sabbatical or maternity cover, or to provide extra support during a period of significant change or for a major project.

Alternatively, perhaps you need to outsource one or more services for a period of time to give yourself time to focus on other priorities and challenges. Whatever your need, Litmus would be happy to come up with some workable solutions and supply chain management for you to consider.

Health & safety advice

Health & Safety is the most important area to get right first time. No organisation can afford to take risks or be unprepared because the end result if something goes wrong could be very expensive and damaging to your reputation… in some cases, it could even be life threatening or lead to criminal action. Litmus can provide specialist health & safety advice on specific issues or projects. We can also act as an ongoing support to your in-house team keeping them up-to-date on the issues that affect them and your organisation.

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