Business analytics & market research

From financial reviews to in-depth forensic accounting, our business analysts can help clients make informed decisions about their support services and the implementation of realistic and sustainable solutions, including the development of robust financial and operational controls.

Our market intelligence is second to none and enables benchmarking to be undertaken across a range of sectors and services to enable performance to be measured and compared against the market place.

In the very important area of market research, Litmus works with clients to establish customer satisfaction levels, identify business opportunities and undertake competitor analysis.

Financial analysis

Value for money is a key driver for all organisations today and whether you are reviewing this against the service provision of an external supplier/contractor, or you want to measure how well your organisation is doing in comparison with the marketplace, Litmus can help you.

Our Head Office team includes highly skilled accountancy personnel who can audit your cost and income lines and drill down to ensure that the figures stack up. In the often highly complex world of contracting and invoicing, Litmus has been retained to undertake forensic accounting when disputes have arisen and where no stone can be left unturned.

Financial planning

Some of our clients have limited in-house technical experience of facilities management or catering provision and therefore, preparing realistic budgets for these services can be challenging. Litmus works with many organisations to identify what services they need and then to develop realistic budgets and forecasts for their operation.

Where external contractors and suppliers are involved, Litmus can work with the contractor to agree on your behalf the budgetary constraints and income targets going forward.

Financial and operational monitoring

Service provider performance

When a service agreement is put in place, it’s important that the performance of the supplier is regularly monitored. We provide this service for many organisations to constantly check that their service provider is performing according to budget and to ensure they are delivering all of the promises that they made in their tender presentation.

Account monitoring

Litmus monitors over 150 contracts at any given time to ensure that there are no nasty surprises at the end of the financial year. Each month we undertake an analysis of key areas including sales, cost of sales, labour costs, sundry costs, actual to budget performance, and management fee. To do this, we verify the accuracy and validity of the monthly invoice against data provided by the service provider such as operational statements, purchase schedules, labour breakdowns and hospitality issues. Where variances are identified, they are reported back with suggestions for remedial action. Alongside this we review operational performance relating to the service experience.

Consumer research

Ensuring you 'do best what matters most' to your customers

Our consumer research services help you to understand how customers perceive your services, and to gauge whether the current performance meets their requirements. Consultation with stakeholders provides an important opportunity to show you care about what they think, and intend to act on their thoughts to enhance the customer focus of the service.

Our research methods are geared around satisfying consumers and identifying areas where improvements in performance will produce the greatest gain in consumer satisfaction and what needs to improve relating to specific issues in the short, medium and longer term.

logotype for Options online

Opinions Online is Litmus’ own online research tool that can be personalised to any client’s needs. Customers are given a unique link to a bespoke research questionnaire held on a secure part of our server, which can be completed at a time convenient to the customer. The responses are collated on our system and the data can be reported in a vast number of different configurations, according to the priorities of the client.

Gap analysis

Customer research is important but too much data can also be mind-boggling. Our Opinions Online system identifies not only customer satisfaction levels; it also identifies the importance level of different areas to that customer and therefore we are able to complete a gap analysis. This identifies for our clients, in priority order, which areas have the biggest satisfaction gaps and which of these are most important to the customers, thereby enabling organisations to prioritise those remedial actions that will have the biggest impact on improving customer satisfaction.

Feasibility studies

Litmus carries out feasibility studies on behalf of clients, where extensive research and investigative techniques are used to assess the viability of a project – often determined by how much needs to be invested and how much will be gained as a result of doing it. For example, we have helped hospitality businesses identify whether target towns have large enough consumer catchments to support their businesses, whether planning constraints and local authority rules will allow their business to flourish, and the likely costs of developing new sites.

Whatever the scheme, we work with our clients to objectively review the strengths and weaknesses of an existing project or proposed venture, as well as the opportunities and threats it faces, and help determine the likelihood of its success.

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