Ensuring you 'do best what matters most' to your customers

Our consumer research services help you to understand how customers perceive your services, and to gauge whether the current performance meets their requirements. Consultation with stakeholders provides an important opportunity to show you care about what they think, and intend to act on their thoughts to enhance the customer focus of the service.

Our research methods are geared around satisfying consumers and identifying areas where improvements in performance will produce the greatest gain in consumer satisfaction and what needs to improve relating to specific issues in the short, medium and longer term.

Litmus’ own online research tool can be personalised to any client’s needs.

Depending on your requirements, Litmus has a research package to fit most budgets. In its simplest format, customers are given a unique link to a bespoke research questionnaire held on a secure part of our server, which can be completed at a time convenient to the customer. The responses are collated on our system and the data can be reported in a vast number of different configurations, according to the priorities of the client.

Our Premium Consumer Insight option offers a completely bespoke package. After an initial consultation and review with one of our Partners, a detailed research programme will be developed that could include fully customisable surveys, onsite support, focus group forums, and detailed reporting and analysis; the process ultimately completed by the development of a prioritised action plan. A follow up survey at a later stage rounds the programme off to assess the impact of changes introduced.

Customer research is important but too much data can also be mind-boggling. Our research system identifies not only customer satisfaction levels but also identifies the importance level of different areas to that customer, and therefore we are able to complete a gap analysis. This identifies for our clients, in priority order, which areas have the biggest satisfaction gaps and which of these are most important to the customers, thereby enabling organisations to prioritise those remedial actions that will have the biggest impact on improving customer satisfaction.

Litmus carries out feasibility studies on behalf of clients, where extensive research and investigative techniques are used to assess the viability of a project – often determined by how much needs to be invested and how much will be gained as a result of doing it. For example, we have helped hospitality businesses identify whether target towns have large enough consumer catchments to support their businesses, whether planning constraints and local authority rules will allow their business to flourish, what the competitor environment is like, and the likely costs of developing new sites.

Whatever the scheme, we work with our clients to objectively review the strengths and weaknesses of an existing project or proposed venture, as well as the opportunities and threats it faces, and help determine the likelihood of its success.

”The Litmus Consumer Insight programme delivers so much more than just an ordinary survey. Each time we run one there’s added value and new benefits that emerge to help us improve our services”

Ashleigh Eaton Domestic Bursar, St Edward’s School

Consumer Insight Consumer Insight Consumer Insight
Services available Catering All All
Survey duration 4 weeks (max) Client specific Client specific
Survey Content
Closed Statements Included Included Included
Multiple Choice Statements Included Included
Free-Text Statements Included Included
Client defined Statements/Questions Included (limited) Included
Survey Output
Interactive web based report Included Included Included
Recommendations from Litmus (Bound copy available) Included Included
Extensive web based report with drill-down
tables with recommendations from Litmus
(Bound copy option available)
Demographics - overview Included Included Included
Demographics - detail Included Included
Geographical comparison Included Included Included
Non-user feedback - overview Included Included Included
Non-user feedback - detail Included Included
Additional Support
Pre-survey meeting Included Included
On-site Canvassing Included
Promotional Material to Market Survey Included Included
Post-survey consultation Included Included
Post-survey presentation Included Included
Focus Groups/Forums (pre-survey) Included
Real-time reporting on closed questions Included
Cost £250 inc VAT per location From circa £3,000 inc VAT From circa £5,000 inc VAT
Consumer Insight Consumer Insight Consumer Insight

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